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(1.)   Adkins, Stephen W., et al.     [ 2019 ]
Seedlings: Biology of Plant Establishments
Seedling establishment is the most critical phase in plant development, making the seedling an important area in basic and applied research. This new graduate-level textbook presents key topics such as different types of germination, the transition from seed to seedling, hormonal regulation of trophisms and morphogenesis and autotrophy acquisition, going on to consider seedling ecology, how seedlings survive in extreme environments and the seedling stage in weeds, agriculture and environmental plants. Written by authors from diverse fields of study and research, this textbook is an essential resource for students and researchers in plant ecology, botany, agriculture, conservation and restoration ecology.
256 pages, illustr., Paper bound, engl.
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(2.)   Anonymus     [ 2018 ]
  Series: BSBI Handbook...
Willow-herbs (Epilobium) of the British Isles
pages, Paper bound, engl. (BSBI Handbook, )
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(3.)   Bot, Sander, &, Meutter, Frank van de     [ 2019 ]
Veldgids Zweefvliegen [Field Guide to Hoverflies]
Hoverflies are intricately patterned flies mimicking the appearance of bees, bumblebees and wasps. During the summer they can be found everywhere, from woodlands and back gardens, to the centre of towns and villages. This is the first Dutch field guide to allow identification of all hoverflies of the Netherlands and Belgium, and identification keys are included. The book describes all 382 species currently present, or that might occur there in the near future, using over 1600 spectacular macro-photos. For each species identifying traits and ecology are described, including distribution maps and diagrams showing flight times.
ca. 400 pages, 1600 colour photographs, colour distribution maps, hardcover, holl.
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(4.)   Bothe, Hermann     [ 2019 ]
Botanische Wanderungen durch den Harz und sein Vorland. 23 faszinierende Erlebnistouren durch einzigartige Landschaften
ca. 250 pages, ca. 200 farbige Abbildungen, Paper bound, dt.
Erscheint im April. Bestellungen werden vorgemerkt.
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(5.)   Coulot, Pierre, &, Rabaute, Philippe     [ 2019 ]
Monographie des Leguminosae de la France. Tome 2
pages, hardcover, franz. (Bulletin de la Société Botanique du Centre-Ouest, )
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(6.)   Davis, P.H., (Edit.)     [ 1970 ]
Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands, Volume 3
Contents: Leguminosae.
XVII+628 pages, 15 b/w-tables, 98 maps, hardcover, engl. , Edinburgh (Edinburgh University Press)
Antiquarisches Exemplar. Ohne den Schutzumschlag, dafür fest eingebunden. Gut erhalten.
Neupreis ca. 380 Euro.
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(7.)   Deckert, Jürgen, &, Wachmann, Ekkehard     [ 2019 ]
Die Wanzen Deutschlands. Entdecken - Beobachten - Bestimmen
Über 300 der bemerkenswertesten Wanzen Deutschlands werden vorgestellt. Anhand einer Liste der Wirtspflanzen kann gezielt nach den an ihnen lebenden Arten gesucht werden.
ca. 400 pages, über 350 farbige Abbildungen, hardcover, dt.
Erscheint im März 2019. Bestellungen werden vorgemerkt.
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(8.)   Filatenko, A., Hammer, K., Jeffrey, C., Kawahara, T., Knüpffer, H., &, Morrison, L., (Eds.)     [ 2019 ]
Flora of Cultivated PLants - Wheat
This volume opens the valuable resource to a larger international research community of wheat breeders, geneticists, taxonomists, germplasm conservators, and other researchers who work with wheat. It is the most current monographic treatment of the genus Triticum. As a traditional treatment, its broad scope includes detailed descriptions of wild and domesticated wheat distributions, unique cultivar names, morphological characterizations, and important agronomic information. The Wheat Flora, a unique publication for one of the world''s most important grain crops, was originally published in Russian in 1979. It documents distributions and agronomic information that has not otherwise been published. The original Russian publication was initiated under the leadership of the Russian scientist Nikolai Vavilov, who established the modern science of domesticated plant origins. The Wheat Flora is of historical value for its compilation of information on wheat that are no longer extant except in Herbarium collections. It is also a resource volume that is useful for the phenotypic identification of wheat material.
400 pages, 25 illustr., hardcover, engl.
Due March 2019. Orders will be recorded.
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(9.)   Fischer, Jürgen, Steinlechner, Daniela, Zehm, Andreas, Poniatowski, Dominik, Fartmann, Beckmann, Armin, Stettmer, Christian     [ 2019 ]
Die Heuschrecken Deutschlands und Nordtirols
368 pages, über 1000 farbige Abbildungen, 4 Tabellen, 85 Verbreitungskarten, hardcover, dt.
Erscheint im Mai. Bestellungen werden vorgemerkt.
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(10.)   Fischer, Manfred A., Oswald, Karl, &, Adler, Wolfgang     [ 2019 ]
Exkursionsflora für Österreich und die gesamten Ostalpen. 2 Bände
Die 4. Auflage erweitert den geographischen Umfang auf die gesamten Ostalpen.
pages, ill., hardcover, dt. , 4. erw. ed.
In Vorbereitung. Bestellungen werden vorgemerkt.
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