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(21.)   Martinez Moreno, Maria Isabel     [ 1999 ]
  Series: Ruizia...
Taxonomía del Género Peltigera Willd (Ascomycetes Liquenizados) en la Península Ibérica y estudio de sus hongos
Twentyfour taxa of Peltigera occur in the area. Anatomical, chemical, chorological, ecological and morphological data are discussed in each taxum, mainly based on extensive field studies and herbaria revision. Key to Iberian taxa is provided. Distribution maps for all taxa. Many first records for the Iberian Peninsula.
200 pages, softcover, span. (Edit: Consejo superior de invetigaciones científicas) (Ruizia, 15)
Preissenkung. Früher 39,90 Euro.
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(22.)   McCune, Bruce, &, Geiser, Linda     [ 1997 ]
Macrolichens of the Pacific Northwest
The first comprehensive guide to the Northwest Macrolichens (mit Bestimmungsschlüsseln, Fotografien, morpholog. Beschreibungen etc.)
XIV+386 pages, Paper bound, engl.
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(23.)   Noirfalise, Albert     [ 1952 ]
Etude d''une Biocénose. La Frênaie a Carex (Cariceto remotae-Fraxinetum Koch 1926)
185 pages, 2 planches, figures, Paper bound, franz. (Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique. Memoires, 122), Bruxelles ()
Antiquarische Exemplar. Einband beschädigt. Nicht aufgeschnitten!
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(24.)   Puytorac, P. de, Tort, Maryse, Peterlongo, J., Bouteville, P., Gigault, L., Vitte, R., &, Fain, J.     [ 1997 ]
L''Auvergne. Les milieux, la flore, la faune
Naturführer, der die verschiedenen Regionen des Zentralmassifs beschreibt. Mit ausführlichen Angaben zu Flora und Fauna.
369 pages, 265 figs, hardcover, franz. (La Bibliothèque du Naturaliste, ), Neuchatel,Paris (Delachaux et Niestlé)
Antiquarisches Exemplar. Gut erhalten.
Neupreis 46,90 Euo. Sonderangebot.
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(25.)   Roßmäßler, E. A.     [ 1856 ]
Die Geschichte der Erde. Eine Darstellung für gebildete Leser und Leserinnen
VIII+383 pages, 85 Textholzschnitte, 1 Tafel, hardcover, dt. , Frankfurt a.M. (Meidinger Sohn & Comp.), 1. ed.
Einband bestoßen. Schwach stockfleckig.
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(26.)   Thorogood, Chris     [ 2016 ]
Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of the Western Mediterranean
Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of the Western Mediterranean is the most comprehensive and up-to-date plant identification guide to the area. The western Mediterranean is one of the most important regions in the world for its outstanding biodiversity, boasting over 10,000 plant species. The area encompasses southern Europe from the Portuguese Algarve in the west to Italy in the east, the islands (including the Balearic Islands, Corsica and Sardinia), and North Africa from Morocco in the west to Tunisia in the east. Covering over 5,000 species, this easy to use guide focuses on the most common and conspicuous species that occur in the area, with plant descriptions, colour photographs and illustrations throughout. A section on where to see wildflowers in the region is included, as well as a glossary of terms. An ideal companion for wildlife and plant enthusiasts, Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of the Western Mediterranean will enable you to reliably identify wildflowers in the field.
630 pages, colour photos, b/w-illustr., hardcover, engl.
Out of stock. Orders on request.
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(27.)   Tutin, T.G., et al.     [ 1972 ]
Flora Europaea. Vol. 3. Diapensiaceae to Myoporaceae (reprint 1992)
Die vergriffene hardcover-Ausgabe.
XXIX+385 pages, hardcover, engl.
Special offer.
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(28.)   Wichtmann, Wendelin, Schröder, Christian, &, Joosten, Hans, (Hrsg.)     [ 2016 ]
Paludiculture - productive use of wet peatlands. Climate protection - biodiversity - regional economic benefits
Peatlands cover some 4 million km² worldwide. Approximately 15% of this area - particularly in the temperate zone and the (sub)tropics - is drained, largely to be used for conventional agriculture and forestry. Drainage leads to irreparable damage to peatlands. Subsidence and soil degradation frustrate long-term peatlandutilisation and are responsible for almost 6% of the total global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Soil degradation and greenhouse gas emissions can be strongly reduced by rewetting. Rewetting, however, makes conventional land use impossible. In contrast, paludiculture on wet and rewetted peatlands allows for permanent, sustainable cultivation of peatlands. The volume introduces paludiculture as a novel land use practice for the production of biomass, which is further able to reactivate or sustain a wide variety of ecosystem services impaired by peatland drainage. Biomass from wet peatlands is useful for various applications: as fuel and raw material, food, fodder and medicine. The authors discuss and evaluate the ecosystem services and economic feasibility of various land use options. Practical recommendations for and legal aspects of implementing paludicultural methods are presented as well as experiences with its worldwide application. The historical development of peatland utilization, including its increasing intensification, the resulting soil degradation, and the recent development of paludiculture as an alternative, balanced land use approach are described. The book provides extensive information for practioners and scientists as well as decision-makers in politics, management, and explains the principles of wise peatland management, encouraging the worldwide implementation of paludiculture as a unique form of sustainable utilisation of organic soils.
VIII+272 pages, 153 Abbildungen, 109 Tabellen, 49 Infokästen, hardcover, engl.
Exemplar mit minimalem Einbandschaden.
Neupreis 79,90 Euro.
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