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(11.)   Gehu, Jean-Marie     [ 1980 ]
La Végétation des sols tourbeux - Lille 1978 -
Genauer Inhalt auf Anfrage.
494 pages, zahlr. Abbildungen, Tabellen im Anhang, hardcover, engl./franz. (Colloques Phytosociologiques, 7), Vaduz (J. Cramer)
Antiquarisches Exemplar. Ecken leicht gestaucht. Sonst gut erhalten.
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(12.)   Geobotanisches Institut Rübel, (Hrsg.), Lüdi, Werner, (Redig.)     [ 1952 ]
Die Pflanzenwelt Irlands (The Flora and Vegetations of Ireland). Ergebnisse der 9. Internationalen Pflanzengeographischen Exkursion durch Irland 1949
415 pages, 4 Taf., Tabellen (z. T. im Umschlag), Paper bound, dt./engl. (Veröffentlichungen des Geobotanischen Institutes der ETH, Stiftung Rübel, Zürich, 25), Zürich ()
Antiquarisches Exemplar. Gut erhalten.
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(13.)   Gradaille Tortella, Josep Lluis, &, Llorens García, Lleonard, (Eds.)     [ 2015 ]
Plantes i flora de les Balears
This book is a collection of 165 aquarelles of Balearic plants that were painted by the Swiss artist Colette (1910-1985) meanwhile she was living in Sóller (1953-1985). 101 of the prints have a botanical file card with the description of the species, its distribution on the Balearic Islands and pictures of the plant. In 5 languages: English, Catalan, Spanish, German and French.
344 pages, durchgehend farbig illustriert, hardcover, engl./span./catalan/dt./fr.
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(14.)   Hoffmeister, Dirk, (Edit.)     [ 2016 ]
  Series: The Mycota...
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
This new edition provides a comprehensive look at the molecular genetics and biochemical basis of fungal biology, covering important model organisms such as Aspergilli while als integrating advances made with zygomycetes and basidiomycetes.
XVIII+397 pages, ill., hardcover, engl. (Edit: Esser, Karl) (The Mycota, Vol. 3), 3. ed.
Sonderangebot (statt 213,99 Euro).
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(15.)   Hulton, Paul, Hepper, F. Nigel, &, Friis, Ib     [ 1991 ]
Luigi Balugani''s Drawings of African Plants
VIII+140 pages, 330 plates, hardcover, engl. , New Haven ()
Mit Schutzumschlag. Gut erhalten.
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(16.)   Jonsell, Bengt, (Editor-in-chief), Karlsson, Thomas, (Executive Editor)     [ 2000 ]
Flora Nordica, Vol. 1
This is the fist volume of a new great flora of the Nordic countries dealing with the wild-growing vascular plants of Norden from Finland in the east to Iceland in the west, and from Svalbard in the North to Denmark in the South. The scope is to provide a summary of today´s knowledge. Volume 1 treats 618 taxa of ferns, conifers, and the families Salicaceae to Polygonaceae and includes distribution maps for 256 taxa.
368 pages, 110 figs., hardcover, engl.
Special offer!
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(17.)   Jouandouet, Frank     [ 2004 ]
A la découverte des Orchidées sauvages d´Aquitaine
Cet ouvrage présente l´intégralité des 65 espèces d´orchidées connues à ce jour en Aquitaine. Attrayant et très abondamment illustré, il est destiné aux amateurs désirant découvrir ces plantes fascinantes. Les spécialistes avertis y trouveront des informations très précises sur le statut et la répartition des orchidées en Aquitaine. 27 balades naturalistes sont proposées dans cet ouvrage.
240 pages, ill, Paper bound, franz. (Collection Parthénope, )
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(18.)   Kadereit, Joachim W., (Edit.)     [ 2004 ]
Dicotyledons. Lamiales (except Acanthaceae, including Avicenniaceae)
In this volume, 24 flowering plant families comprising a total of 911 genera are treated. They represent the asterid order Lamiales except for Acanthaceae (including Avicenniaceae), which will be included in a later volume. Although most of the constituent families of the order have been recognized as being closely related long ago, the inclusion of the families Byblidaceae, Carlemanniaceae and Plocospermataceae is the result mainly of recent molecular systematic research. Keys for the identification of all genera are provided, and likely phylogenetic relationships are discussed extensively. To facilitate the recognition of relationships, families are cross-referenced where necessary. The wealth of information contained in this volume makes it an indispensable source for anybody in the fields of pure and applied plant sciences.
X+478 pages, 60 illus. (8 in colour), hardcover, engl. (Edit: Kubitzki, Klaus) (The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants, Vol. 7), (Springer)
Sonderangebot. Neuwertiges Exemplar.
Neupreis 246,00 Euro.
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(19.)   Landolt, Elias     [ 2010 ]
Flora indicativa. Ökologische Zeigerwerte und biologische Kennzeichen zur Flora der Schweiz und der Alpen
Die Flora indicativa umfasst die ökologischen und biologischen Eigenschaften von 5.500 Pflanzenarten aus der Schweiz und den Alpen und charakterisiert in Tabellenform die einzelnen Arten. Als wertvolle Dokumentation zur Ökologie und Biologie der Pflanzenarten in Mitteleuropa ist die "Flora" ein wesentliches Hilfsmittel zur Erhaltung der Artenvielfalt.
378 pages, zahlr. Tabellen, hardcover, dt./engl.
Sonderangebot (früher 98 Euro).
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(20.)   Lang, Gerhard     [ 1973 ]
Die Vegetation des westlichen Bodenseegebietes
451 pages, 40 Abb. u. 30 Tab. im Text, 86 Tab. u. 16 Taf. im Anhang, softcover, dt. (Pflanzensoziologie, 17), Stuttgart (Gustav Fischer)
Antiquarisches Exemplar. Gut erhalten.
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